What is wardrobe management?

Put simply – wardrobe management is organising your wardrobe to ensure that it works for you. We have called our service ‘Wardrobe TLC’ as we think every wardrobe could do with a little love.

Your wardrobe should contain items that you love, that suit you and your current lifestyle. If you are rushing around every day trying to find something to wear and can’t find your favourite top, jeans etc all you may require is a better organised wardrobe. From a general tidy up and sorting your wardrobe in to sections and arranging everything neatly, to a thorough clear out of clothes that are the wrong size, or no longer suit you, we are here to help.

Don’t worry we won’t persuade you to throw away your favourite jumper or jeans.

If you are looking for further information you can email us info@laurasdresses.com or call  us on 07880 602232
You may be too busy to find the time to sort out your wardrobe but a neat and tidy wardrobe makes life easier and helps declutter your mind.

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